Rubber Panels for Level Crossings

Our system installs quickly, reducing the cost of installation.

Facilitates the maintenance of the infrastructure (leveling and batting), since it can be disassembled and reassembled in a few minutes.

We supply the necessary kit of bolts and slings to quickly install the panels, no specific tools are needed for mounting.

At the ends of the side panels, concrete curbs (PN Vehicles) or PVC angles (Pedestrian PN) are installed, extending the life of the entire passage.

  • Improves the union of the panels with the asphalt; it is not damaged when removing and putting the panels in the successive maintenance of the track.
  • The side panels do not suffer the first impact from truck wheels, as the curb provides the panel with a uniform base of support.

To change the central panels of a PN (due to greater wear, vandalism, etc.) it is not necessary to disassemble the entire PN, you can remove and put any panel of the PN independently.

Our panels are 100% rubber, they do not laminate or break. They can be cut on site to adapt to the irregularities of the infrastructure without losing their properties.